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    Providing performance with security

    HP regards its current Laserjet(123.hp.com/laserjet) enterprise printer models as the ‘pinnacle of performance and security’.

    Especially designed for business efficiency, the printer’s embedded security suite protects it from all external attacks. You can get faster duplexing and printing with increased page feed speeds across all HP Laserjet models(123.hp.com/laserjet).123 Hp Com Laserjet model printers offer better text quality and ability to print in greater volume. The multi-functional printers provide the most secure printing in the world with the help of the multi-layered protection that is on guard 24/7 to keep your data absolutely safe.

HP Laserjet Printers – Features

  • These enterprise-class printers are constantly upgraded to meet the users’ everyday business challenge.
  • It is continuously improved to provide both performance and security.
  • With high-speed performance and maximum productivity, the printer accelerates your workflow and completes voluminous jobs really fast.
  • The printer is also equipped with Original HP toner cartridges with Jet-intelligence. This technology reduces cartridge intervention times and comes with improved yield capacity.


Light duty multi-functional printer

The slightly smaller versions of the Laserjet printer are also designed for personal functionalities and for shared use in a small office.

  • The printer(123.hp.com/laserjet) is capable of delivering high-quality text and graphic outputs through the wireless and Wi-Fi connections. It also comes with the Wi-Fi Direct and NFC features, simultaneously providing mobile printing through the Wi-Fi and the cloud.
  • Scan to the computer or print from one – the printer also works as a standalone copier and fax machine. You can also print from a USB memory or scan from it.
  • The printer allows faxing from a computer with the Windows 7 Operating System that comes with the associated software.
  • The newer versions of the Laserjet(123.hp.com/lj) allow you to connect the printer through a network using either the Wi-Fi or the Ethernet. Connect to an access point to your network and print from your Android or iOS phone or even scan to them. For mobile devices that are equipped with NFC you just have to establish a connection to the printer by touching the NFC logo on the printer.

A combination of features

Characteristics and Functionalities:

HP’s Laserjet printers(123.hp.com/lj) come with an amazing mix of features – not only is it a color laser printer, but is also a true all-in-one.

  • Apart from two-sided printing, the printer can scan to a computer, a flash drive, to a smartphone, to the cloud, to the email besides printing from all of these too. It prints flawlessly from every device you throw at it and is really fast, which is unlike what you expect out of a laser printer.
  • It also comes with a huge scan range for your documents and photos.
  • The latest models of HP’s Laserjet printers are much quieter than their predecessors. Document handling is very smooth. Sometimes, the input tray takes paper, even if it slightly wrinkled!


  • HP Laserjet P2035

  • HP Laserjet 1320

    HP Laserjet 1320

  • HP Laserjet 200

    HP Laserjet 200

HP ePrint Setup(123.hp.com/laserjet)

ePrint lets you print instantly by sending the documents to the printer from any device. With just internet facility and ePrint enabled HP printer, it lets you print from any location. However, ePrint facility is not available on all models. It is wise to check for certain criteria for your model before you decide to opt for ePrint.


Get the check on the requirements(123.hp.com/lj)

    • Does your device support the ePrint facility? It is essential to check on it through the logo which appears on the device. The Web services can also be used for finding if your model of HP printer contains such ePrint facility.
    • An active internet facility is required for connection. If you are using Ethernet, do ensure that the cable lights are active. Alternatively, check for the wireless feature when you use wireless mode in your HP printer.

Know about the Web Services

    • Web service lets your device communicate to the internet through printing services which are web based so as to easily connect from anywhere to print. The Web services function must be made enabled for the purpose of using this ePrint facility.
    • Use the ePrint services by giving the print commands from any machine such as computer or laptop or smart phones to your printer device. The print jobs which you give cannot exceed attachments of 10MB. Also take note to ensure that you don’t give more than 10 attachments on a single print order.

How to print using ePrint?

    • Enable the ePrint option
    • Enable the Web Services option on your Printer
    • Go through the Web Services Set Up
    • On the Home screen, touch the ePrint icon
    • Click Set Up
    • Click to accept terms of use and enable Web Services option
    • Click the ePrint icon which you will find on the Home screen.
    • Find your printer’s email address through the Web Services summary menu.
    • Open your email application on your computer or any other device
    • Mail the document to your printer’s email address.

Which File Format is supported by ePrint?

Certain file formats are supported, which are:

    • text (.txt)
    • PDF
    • HTML
    • MS office

When you print photos, ensure that they have both sides vertical and horizontal resolution of 100 pixels and higher. Take note that certificates which are digitally signed, or which are encrypted including password protected documents cannot be supported by ePrint services.

How to print from Computer or Smartphone?(123.hp.com/lj)

If you want to print a document from laptop or PC, send an email from the device to the email address of the printer. For printing through ePrint, a mere sign up of an account is enough to use this facility.