Steps to Download the HP LaserJet 1320 Driver Windows 10 –

  1. HP Laserjet 1320 driver windows 10

HP Laserjet 1320 Driver Windows 10

Find a guide to complete the HP Laserjet 1320 Driver windows 10 download and installation. The lifeline between the printer’s hardware and other devices is the driver. It helps the printer communicate with the computer to which it is connected.

Locating the driver files

Open a web browser on your computer, preferably Google Chrome

  • Search for the support site of your printer
  • Choose a genuine website and enter the keywords, HP LaserJet 1320 printer in the search box
  • Select the SOFTWARE AND DRIVERS option on the webpage that loads
  • This website has the capability to recognize the operating system of the computer (
  • To change the OS version, select from the drop-down menu on the top right corner of the page
  • The drivers and software for the HP LaserJet 1320 printer are listed here
  • Verify if it is for your printer and also that if the operating system is Windows 10
  • Otherwise, install the driver files from the installation CD – the CD comes along with the printer package

Choosing the driver – HP LaserJet 1320 driver windows 10

  • Since the website displays all relevant drivers for your printer model, just select the driver required by your device

Note: Types of drivers are basic, full feature and others specific to functionalities, scan drivers and print drivers for a particular model

  • If you are not sure on selecting the driver files, delete any existing driver files from your computer and download a full feature driver

Download and installation – HP LaserJet 1320 driver windows 10

  • Begin to download the driver setup file
  • Find the DOWNLOAD link next to the driver file chosen by you
  • Most driver setup files get stored in the downloads section of your computer’s hard drive
  • It is in the form of the .EXE file – Run it on your computer as an Administrator
  • Get guided instructions that appear on the setup wizard
  • Select the FINISH button to complete the installation

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