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HP 12a Black LaserJet Toner Cartridge

Wondering how to save on HP 12a black LaserJet toner cartridge cost? Recycling is the word. Go green and this is not just helping our planet. It’s making your wallet rounder. And bigger. When plastic and paper are proven choices for recycling, why not your ink and toner cartridges? For more useful articles on making HP 12a black LaserJet toner cartridge, reach out to us for personalized help.

What’s the statistics on original cartridges being discarded?

  • Every 1 second, we are looking at almost eight devices getting discarded.
  • That makes up for the 70 percent of used printer cartridges which are being discarded widely throughout the world!
  • When we are discarding a laser cartridge, it takes about 450 years to decompose. And if it’s made with industrial grade plastics, decomposition takes it to some 1000 years.
  • That’s quite some damage to the planet and the natural resources.

To keep your wallets intact when the turn comes around to purchase the HP 12a black LaserJet toner cartridge (, follow these steps wisely for saving toner:

  • Ensure to always preview your documents before printing especially the webpages, which tend to waste a lot of toners as they print quite differently than they look on screen, often with gaps or blank spaces within.
  • The first thing you should be searching post a printer purchase, would be to see if the printer has the ink-saver or toner-saver mode.
  • Use the Draft mode only when the high-quality output is required.
  • Try to print in black and white mode instead of color as much as possible.
  • If duplex printing is supported, this can save you toner and paper.

What good does Toner savings do for your planet?

  • We are looking at almost rough 600 million empty cartridges, which are thrown into the landfills, by not opting for replacements.
  • Buying remanufactured Toner cartridges might make a good choice with the environmental impact it creates with manufacturing new cartridges.
  • The number of cartridges discarded in the landfills has only been known to increase on a yearly basis.
  • About 12% increase in printer users are felt every year, as both home and office printers are quite a necessity these days.
  • If there could be a major printing choice towards used and refilled cartridges, there is going to be a significant amount of natural resources saved in the process.

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