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  1. HP 53x q7553x black high yield original Laserjet Toner Cartridge

HP 53x Q7553x Black High Yield Original Laserjet Toner Cartridge

Using an original HP 53x Q7553x black high yield original laserjet toner cartridge? If yes, read this article without fail, which can help you save the ink! We know that original toners can be very expensive, hence we are back with another informative article on how to get you save your toner and reduce cost.

Check these tips, which can be really helpful for your printing needs:

  • Lower resolution makes the printer use lesser quantity of the toner supplies.
  • If your printer is set to 600 of dpi or even 1200dpi, then you may then try set it to 300 dpi.
  • With faster print, this is obviously a good idea to produce a faster print with lesser time allotted.
  • It’s good to reduce the output resolution on your HP 53x Q7553x black high yield original laserjet toner cartridge, and the settings is actually adjustable.

Enable the toner saver mode ON

  • As far as the inkjet printers are concerned, you can keep the settings to print black only, as this will use a small amount of color ink.
  • You are lucky if you have the feature which saves the toner saver, which is a major saver of toner, over time.

Compatible cartridges

  • Check if your device accepts a high capacity or XL version of HP Toners, as there is definite better value provided to print more pages.
  • If you aren’t getting branded cartridges, try the compatible toners which are manufactured by third-party manufacturers which is guaranteed to provide the same results as the original brand toner.
  • Compatibles are preferred, by many as they lead to larger savings in toner purchase.
  • Compatible HP toner are the ones which are manufactured similarly to the original brand toner, and the most popular selling replacement toner for HP printers (123.hp.com/setup)of all ranges.
  • The compatible cartridge is obviously cheaper as there is mass-production and the manufacturing and the overhead costs turn out to be lower than using the individual HP toner cartridges.

The decision doesn’t end with just purchasing a printer. Over the printer’s lifetime, the cartridges cost factor is an important criterion to decide, hence a wise decision has to be taken.

Our online guidance and assistance site offers valuable information to the HP printer users. Our tech team experts are available online to assist you with HP 53x Q7553x black high yield original laserjet toner cartridge troubleshooting. Reach out to us for clarifications through toll-free number +1-855-674-8450 or chat with us at 123-hp-com-laserjet.com


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