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Save your HP Color Laserjet 2550 Toner

Check out original HP Color Laserjet 2550 toner, for the best print experiences. We keep users updated on how to optimise their print experiences and troubleshoot their technical issues.

The feature and specifications of the 2550 toner are as follows:

  • The toner promises an output of 5000 Pages per toner output
  • When we work out the cost of the output per page, the Costing comes down to0.8 cent per page
  • There is Shelf Life of 2 Years
  • Capacity Standard Yield with both Color and Black cartridges

This compatible and super-efficient toner will be an awesome fit and solution for your organization, to save on the costs.

Here are some tips to save your HP Color Laserjet 2550 toner:

  • Preview your documents before printing especially when you get around to print web pages. They waste a lot of toner as they print quite differently than on-screen presence, and tend to fill the space often with gaps or blank spaces.

The first thing you should be searching post a printer purchase, would be to see if the printer has the ink-saver or toner-saver mode. If yes, enable this setting on the printer model, which consumes less of the HP Color Laserjet 2550 toner (123.hp.com/setup).

  • Use the Draft mode only when the high-quality output is required.
  • Try to print in black and white mode instead of color as much as possible.
  • If duplex printing is supported, this can save you toner and paper.
  • Change the default settings which are generally set for optimal performance.These default settings drain the device, and this results in using higher toner resources. Hence, change from the default setting, to the reduced toner usage setting.
  • To save money, it would be more prudent to ‘print in grayscale’ from your printer settings.
  • Reducing the Print density shall control the amount of toner that is being used for printing a page, hence it is profitable to just reduce the print density.
  • Change the fonts as there are definitely few fonts which are efficient in saving toner.

For all other troubleshooting and guidance for your HP Color Laserjet 2550 toner, call our support team at +1-820-300-0320 or visit us at 123-hp-com-laserjet.com