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  1. HP LaserJet 1015 driver windows 7

HP LaserJet 1015 Driver Windows 7

Make use of the Print Management tool to manage your HP LaserJet 1015 driver windows 7. You can perform the following functions using this tool,

  1. Add drivers
  2. Update drivers
  3. Remove or delete drivers

Adding the printer to a client machine

  • Open the Print Management snap-in on your Windows 7 PC
  • Next, go to the search box in the taskbar and type in the keywords “Administrative tools”
  • Choose the appropriate menu from the search results and then, navigate to the snap-in program
  • You will find the print servers option on the left pane of this program window
  • Choose the appropriate server after which, select the Printers menu
  • Then, select the HP LaserJet 1015 printer from the center pane of the window (123.hp.com/setup)
  • Go to the ManageSharing menu which has the key functions of the snap-in
  • Here, you must choose the Additional driver’s option to opt for adding a new HP Laserjet 1015 driver windows 7
  • In the next dialog box obtain your processor’s info and then, move on to add the driver
  • The PC’s architecture signifies whether it runs a 32 bit or 64-bit processor
  • Before you begin, download and save the driver in a folder on your desktop
  • And enter the path to this folder on your dialog box

Updating the drivers

  • For updating the drivers, the navigation is more or less the same as when you would add the printer and its driver
  • Except under the Printers menu select Properties
  • Next, select the Properties menu from the center pane after selecting the printer
  • Now, update the driver using the Driver menu in the Advanced tab

Removing or Deleting the HP LaserJet 1015 Driver Windows 7

  • To remove or delete a driver, you have to use the same navigation as you would add or update the printer drivers.
  • After selecting your printer, go to the Printservers menu on the left pane
  • Then, select the Drivers menu
  • Select a driver file from the center pane to delete it
  • You can either remove the drivers individually or as a package

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