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  1. HP Laserjet 2300 printer driver free download

HP Laserjet 2300 Printer Driver free Download for Windows 7

This article will give you the steps to complete the HP Laserjet 2300 printer driver free download for windows 7.

Steps to download the software

  • Open the manufacturer’s website, support.hp.com for downloading any software related to your printer
  • In the searchbox, look for your printer model – for example, in this case, you will be looking for LaserJet 2300 printer
  • The next web page will be the support page dedicated to the specific printer model
  • There will be a list of options from which you need to choose the Software and Drivers option
  • You will now be on the landing page of the Software and Drivers Download (123.hp.com/setup) for the chosen printer model
  • The website automatically recognizes your computer’s operating system
  • If you wish to make a download for a Windows 7 computer, then make the necessary changes in the operating system section
  • You can choose to download individual drivers or download the entire driver software package
  • Open the downloaded file and run the .exe file on the computer running on the Windows 7 operating system
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the HP Laserjet 2300 printer driver free download for windows 7 on your computer


Follow these below-given precautions to make sure that there are no future issues with your printer or the related drivers.

  • Be warned that this driver can be used only in the case of a Windows 7 operating system
  • If your PC or laptop is running on a later version of the Windows OS, then choose your software and drivers accordingly
  • Follow these steps if and only if you are looking to download just the driver and not the related software
  • Else we would advise that you download the software and the drivers as a complete package
  • It will also have some additional optional software for your use, so you can choose individual drivers that are required by you
  • In case you already have the software and not able to find the appropriate driver, then uninstall the existing software and go ahead and download the package instead
  • This way you can be sure that the software and the driver for your printer are compatible

You can make use of our website to find the HP Laserjet 2300 printer driver free download for windows 7. We also assist in other printer related queries and are available 24/7 to solve them through toll-free +1-820-300-0320 or visit us at 123-hp-com-laserjet.com