HP Laserjet cp1525nw Goes Offline on the Mac

  1. HP Laserjet cp1525nw goes offline

HP Laserjet cp1525nw Goes Offline

If you are facing the HP Laserjet cp1525nw goes offline error, then you will require restarting your computer and do the following steps to temporarily disconnect network and internet connection

Before continuing complete any tasks or downloads that may be in progress

  • To turn it off press the power button on the printer
  • Remove the power cord (reach behind the printer)
  • Disconnect the wireless router and the computer as well
  • After a 30-seconds wait reconnect the wireless router first
  • Wait for another 30 seconds till the router comes on fully and is ready
  • Wait for the computer to reload after turning it on
  • Reconnect the printer and turn it back on (123.hp.com/setup)

To try and fix the HP Laserjet cp1525nw goes offline issue let’s try assigning a static IP

The steps below are:

  • Obtaining the printer IP address:
    • To get the IP addresson the printer control panel you can touch the “wireless” icon
    • On your web browser type the IP address
    • The printer EWS page will be displayed on your computer
    • Go to “Network” tab
    • Under General select “Network protocols”
    • Click to look for “Enable IPv4 only” (or similar)
    • Click on Apply to apply the settings
    • Go to the “Network” tab
    • Click on “Wireless (802.11)
    • Then click on “Network address (IPv4)
    • Click on the “Manual IP” radio button andSuggest a manual IP address
    • Give a manual IP address for your printer
    • The“Manual DNS Server” buttonhas to be clicked where you can type the Google DNS address
    • Reinstall the printer drivers, once completed
    • Follow the steps as under:
      • From the printer and computer if present unplug the USB cable
      • Go to Control panel
      • Click on Programs and features
      • All the HP Envy printer entries has to be selected
      • Uninstall them
      • Restart computer
      • Download the updated printer drivers and install them
      • Select “Wireless” and follow the instructions you get in the connection type window, to complete the installation

The above steps explains the troubleshooting steps for HP Laserjet cp1525nw goes offline issues. Still, this problem remains on your computer, fell free to call us at 1-820-300-0320 or visit us at https://www.123-hp-com-laserjet.com.