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  1. how to change hp laserjet p1102w cartridge

HP LaserJet p1102w Cartridge

Replacing or changing the HP LaserJet p1102w cartridge is essential when the Ink Level on your cartridge is Low. Here are some of the quick and easy steps on to change the cartridges:

  • The first step is to open the toner cartridge access door and then start removing the old Toner cartridge from packaging.
  • The old toner cartridge can be used for recycling. It is better not to touch the toner cartridge shutter and the roller surface. Try holding both the cartridges carefully
  • Shake the cartridge gently so that the toner gets distributed equally over the cartridge
  • Bend the tab which is located on the left side of the Toner cartridge till it gets loose. Start pulling the tab until the tape is removed.
  • Start inserting the cartridge into the Printer and then close the cartridge door. HP always recommends using the genuine cartridges.
  • Open the toner cartridge access door > grasp the sides of the toner cartridge and shake it gently >bend the tab located on the left side of the cartridge > pull it until old cartridge is removed > insert the cartridge

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You can check the compatibility of your Toner cartridge by visiting the Link HP Sure Supply. Compatible cartridges for your Printer will be available and it is possible to replace the older cartridges.

  • Genuine cartridges can be purchased from other retailers
  • GO to HP Sure supply >select your country or region > Follow the onscreen Instructions > Check the compatibility of the cartridge with your Printer
  • Also, visit the official HP website and more information on how to change HPLaserJet p1102w cartridge will be provided
  • Toner cartridge of 79A works well with HP LaserJet PRO printers like M12 and P110. Low toner Inks can cause faded or blurred Prints. Try replacing a new cartridge as early as possible in this case. Toner cartridge with model number CF279A also produces sharp and good quality Prints
  • If the issue is not resolved, remove the cartridge, gently shake it and reinstall it.
  • Clean the cartridges before you Install it

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