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HP Laserjet P1102w factory Reset

Do you want to know the procedures of HP laserjet p1102w factory reset? Call our tech experts who shall help you and guide you on how you can successfully do the needful. If your device is suffering from many performance issues, read this article which will be very useful.

Do you know about factory reset and why it is performed?

  • A factory reset is actually getting the software of any device to its former state.
  • By performing this step, you are erasing all of the information which is stored on the device, which is why users always take a backup of the information stored before factory reset is performed.
  • When the device tries to restore the software (123.hp.com/setup) to its original settings, this helps in resolving any of the issues found with the device.
  • Factory reset of any device is the same as reformatting a hard drive.
  • Note that Factory resets can be very effective and can also fix many performance issues like screen freezing, or sluggish performance.

How can you perform factory reset on your printer?

To perform the HP laserjet p1102w factory reset and restore its factory settings, you have to bring back to its original default values. Just follow these steps which are listed below:

  • Switch off the product.
  • Then, try to disconnect the power cable from the product for a minimum of 30 seconds and then reconnect again.
  • Switch back the device while you are in the process of pressing and holding the Resume button for a minimum of 10-20 seconds.
  • You will observe the attention light to turn on.
  • Now, you can release the Resume button.
  • Now, observe the Attention and Ready lights cycle, as the device is being restored to factory default setting.

For any guidance, on the HP Laserjet p1102w factory reset you can always check with our tech experts who shall help you with instant assistance. Call our experts at our toll-free numbers +1-820-300-0320 or visit us at 123-hp-com-laserjet.com