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  1. HP Laserjet p1102w paper jam

HP Laserjet P1102w Paper Jam Error

The HP Laserjet p1102w paper jam error is usually displayed with the code E4. And also, the INK ALERT light on the printer will blink. A paper jam can occur in any part of the printer.

  • Find out where the paper jam has occurred (first you should check the input tray)
  • Remove the jammed paper from the printer with both hands
  • Press the CANCEL button to revive the printer and continue the print job
  • If the issue persists, there could be other paper parts stuck inside the input tray
  • Use a flashlight to identify other pieces of paper big or small inside the printer
  • All other particles should be removed from the path of the paper feed
  • Reload the input tray again with fresh paper
  • Make sure that the input tray shield is intact
  • Press the RESUME button to continue the print job
  • If the error still occurs, check for paper parts inside your printer in other parts (

To check if there is paper stuck inside the cartridge chamber and to be rid of the HP Laserjet p1102w paper jam issue, follow these steps.

  • Switch ON the printer
  • Open the cartridge access door on your printer
  • Wait till the cartridges move to the center of the carriage and the printer becomes silent
  • Remove the cartridges from the printer
  • Now you can check for any paper remains
  • Remove any foreign particles or paper remains from this area
  • Reinstall the cartridges one by one
  • Close the cartridge access door
  • Try printing a test page to verify if the issue is no longer persistent

This should solve any HP Laserjet p1102w paper jam issue unless you have some paper parts still stuck in the output tray of the printer. Taking a paper stuck out of an output tray is simpler when compared to other printer parts.

Essential tip: Switch off the printer and then pull out any paper stuck to avoid any electrical shocks.

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