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  1. HP Laserjet p2035 Cartridge Number

How to find HP Laserjet P2035 Cartridge Number?

It is essential to find the HP Laserjet p2035 cartridge number for understanding the type of the ink or toner cartridges which may work with your HP printer. Usually, such details are alpha-numeric in nature with color code descriptions that represent different cartridge models that can be referenced with the information provided on the HP site 123.hp.com/setup.

Once you have identified the HP Laserjet p2035 cartridge number, this will give you information about the specific toner or cartridge you have to purchase for cartridge replacement. Follow these steps while you are on the job of cartridge or toner replacements.

  • When toner replacements happen, always ensure that the device is turned on. It is important to wait for it to become idle, once the carriage is opened.
  • Check the buttons which are made available in the printer for release mechanism for the used and old toners, which can be used for removing the used toners
  • Carefully push the toners into the slot, and wait till you hear the snap sound.
  • This snap sound is nothing, but an actual confirmation that they have been inserted properly.
  • Once the printer is warmed up, you can start using your device for printing.
  • If you find the last few lines of the page running out of color, resort to check the printheads.
  • Try the printer cleaning method. You are supposed to actually clean these printheads, through the driver software. It is not required to resort to manual cleaning mode. You can find this option through “maintain your printer” settings.
  • Replace only the black cartridges, if the black and white printing is solely used. If color printing is required, all the toners will have to be replaced.
  • Always remember to use the carriage’s latch for insertion, as this may result in damage to the printer and may give rise to unnecessary printing issues, if not properly latched.

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