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Learn to Replace Cartridge on HP LaserJet P2035

Replacing the old cartridges on the HP LaserJet p2035 printer is quite a common procedure, once the old cartridges are depleted. Replacing them is a do-it-yourself activity, which you can successfully do it with our online guidance.

Check with our tech experts for the proper procedures to replace the cartridges on the p2035 (, and our experts shall guide you overcall.

  • Always Keep the device turned on, when the replacement activity is happening.
  • Once the carriage is opened, wait for it to become idle.
  • The button for the release function lies in the device, which can be used for removing the used cartridges.
  • Carefully push the new cartridges into the slot, and wait till you hear the snap sound which is a confirmation that the cartridges have been inserted properly.
  • Once the printer is warmed up, you can start using your device for printing.

Always keep these points in mind when you are replacing cartridges on HP LaserJet p2035:

  • If you find no printing activity after replacing old cartridges, check if cartridges are fully installed.
  • Give for a print, after removing the cartridges and push them carefully into the slot.
  • Sometimes the last few lines of the page may run out of color, in such a case you should check the printheads.
  • Clean these printheads by using the driver software. This is not manual cleaning. You can find this option through this “maintain your printer” settings.
  • replace only the black cartridges, if you happen to use black and white print.
  • When it is color printing, you need to replace all the cartridges.
  • Always remember to use the carriage’s latch for new cartridge insertion, as this will result in damage to the printer and may give rise to unnecessary printing issues.

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