HP LaserJet P2035 Error lights

Facing HP LaserJet P2035 Error lights

The good thing about HP printers is that they are quite easy to troubleshoot. The reason being that they come along with some indication lights that lets users know what type of error they are facing. Life would be much simpler if people too had indication lights like these indicating their errors. Jokes apart, let’s get back to business and see what the HP LaserJet P2035 error lights mean.

HP Laserjet P2035 error lights

During startup

When your printer is starting up, you will find that following lights will be blinking.

  1. Go light
  2. Ready light
  3. Attention light

These indication lights are only temporary and will stop blinking once the printer has stabilized.

When the printer is ready

The power light alone with be on when the printer is ready to operated. None of the other indication lights should be on. If you find any other light on, then call us to find out what is wrong with your printer.

While processing data

When the printer is either receiving or processing a certain data then you will find that the power button remains blinking until the completion of the aforesaid process.

Manual feed error

Are the manual feed and the continuable error lights are on and your attention indication light is blinking? This could be because of one of the following reasons.

  1. Manual feed error in your printer
  2. General continuable error in your printer
  3. There can be a Memory configuration error
  4. Or maybe a personality or a print job-related error.

To print the error-free data you can try pressing the GO button. If this does not prove to be fruitful, then you can try servicing your printer to better its performance.

Attention indication light

When the attention indication light alone keeps blinking, it means that the print cartridge door is open.

Other common errors

  • When there is a fatal error, then attention, power, and the manual feed indication lights are all on.
  • When the toner is low in ink, then the toner and the power indication lights are on.
  • If the toner itself is missing, then the toner indication light continues to blink until you fit back the toner.
  • The paper jam indication light indicates that there is a paper jam.
  • Similarly, a blinking paper symbol light means that the printer is out of paper for printing.
  • And finally, when you insert a paper that is not supported by your printer you will find that the paper jam and manual feed indication lights are both on and the paper symbol indication light remains blinking.

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