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  1. HP LaserJet Printer Error code 79

Fix HP LaserJet Printer Error code 79

HP LaserJet is one among the compact and multifunction Printers among HP with amazing and user-friendly Features. You can print your documents in High quality and faster speed. Users often face issues with the error code 79 while using the HP LaserJet Printer. Here are some of the Troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix HP LaserJet printer error code 79.

HP Laser Jet Pro 400 M401 often faces the error code 79. Error message 79 occurs when a print job is corrupted. Mis communication between the spooler and the printer due to an outdated Firmware is the reason for error code 79. To resolve the error code you require an active Internet connection and an admin account for your Printer.

Step 1

  • Switch off your HP LaserJet Pro Printer
  • You can now remove the print jobs from all the computers which are connected to your printer.
  • Go to the domain network and check who owns each printing jobs and the in progress tasks. Try logging in to each of the accounts and remove the ongoing printing task

To fix HP LaserJet printer error code 79, you can follow other troubleshooting steps too.

Step 2

  • Switch On your HP LaserJet PRO Printer
  • Ensure that your Printer is connected to an active Internet connection.
  • Also, check that the Ethernet Cable is properly fixed between your device and the Modem
  • Go to the control Panel Now and tap on the Network icon to find the IP address of your Printer. If the IP address displays 192.168xxxxxx, it means that your Printer is connected to the Home Network
  • Now go to the home screen and tap the Settings ICON
  • Check for the Firmware updates now by selecting the Laser Jet Update and make sure that you have selected the Latest version
  • Once you click on the download option, the latest versions of your software will be automatically downloaded.
  • Rebooting the Entire system can help you to activate the new updates or firmware.

Step 3

Try deleting the Printer driver once and install the Printer again. Go to the Control Panel >Devices and Printers to remove the printer

You can follow the above trouble shooting steps to fix HP LaserJet printer error code 79. HP also offers you the basic trouble shooting guide to overcome the error code 79.

Start using your Printer now.

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