Print the network configuration page for the HP Laserjet p2035

HP Laserjet p2035 Network Configuration Page

Typically the Configuration page lists current settings and properties of the printer. It also contains a status log statement. To print an HP Laserjet p2035 network configuration page, do one of the next:

HP laserjet p2035 network configuration page

  • Press and maintain the Go button for 5 seconds when the printer Ready light is on and most careers are printing.
  • Select it from the Print Details Pages drop-down list on the Services tab in Printer Preferences.
  • View or change network settings
  • An individual can use the inserted Web server to see or change IP configuration.
  • Print an HP Laserjet p2035 network configuration page, and locate the IP address.

If you are using IPv4, the IP address contains only digits. It has this format:

  • xx. xx. xxx

If you work with IPv6, the IP address is a combo of 16 characters and digits. It has this format:

  • xxxx:: xxx: xxxx: xxxx: xxxx

Type the IP address into the address line of a Net browser to spread out the inlayed Web server.

Click the Networking tab to obtain network information. You can change settings as needed.

Set or change the community password

Use the embedded Web server to establish a network password or change an existing security password.

Open the embedded Internet server and click on the Network tab.

In the left-side pane, click on the Password button.


  • If a pass word has previously been established, you are prompted to type the password. Kind the password, and then click the Apply button.
  • Within the Device Password area, type the new pass word in the Password container and in the Validate Password box.
  • At the bottom of the window pane, click on the Apply button to save the password.
  • IP address
  • The product IP address can be arranged automatically via DHCP, BOOTP, or AutoIP.
  • To change the IP address personally, use the Networking case in the embedded Internet server.
  • Link speed setting
  • Use the Networking case in the embedded Internet server to set the link speed if required.

Inappropriate changes to the link speed setting might prevent the product from communicating with other network devices. For most situations, the item should be left in automatic mode. Changes can cause the product to power cycle. Changes should come in only while the product is idle. Call us at +1-820-300-0320 or visit our website at