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You acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by this Privacy Statement of,by using the website or the services. By reading this privacy statement, you will understand how the site transfers or uses data, which it collects from users.

The process of Data Collection

Data is required to be collected, to analyze and provide informative services to the users. Since this process of data collection is essential to operate the business, an account activation with the site should be done to purchase or receive services. Users may seek services for troubleshooting their devices,and to receive support and maintenance services. By collecting this Information, the in-house technicians shall be able to understand the device model used, errors faced, procedures for handling, and the apt solutions to be offered.
The broad categories of data usually collected consists of the following types:

Name and Contact Details

Personal information shall be collected regarding name, contact numbers, Address, email address and any other information which will be useful for providing information. This information is collected through emails, instant chat, Website, or calls to toll free number and is strictly obtained only for the purpose of rendering services and is maintained confidential.

Data collection for Credentials and Payment

Any payment information provided by the userto us shall solely be for the purpose of providing service. Payment information received will be treated extremely confidential.

Device Information

Information about the Printer models, printer configuration, network configuration and any other information shall be collected by to provide services for printer devices.

Collection of Error Reports

When users call the toll-free lines for assistance, information is collected from customers about the issues faced during the troubleshooting process. Based on the information received, accurate solutions are advised to the users, based on the troubleshooting query. These error reports contain the error category,issue severity, software and hardware errors, status of the device and any other information which are very essential to provide the services.

User Location

During the course of providing service, we may collect information about the printer device’s location for the purpose of customer servicing.


Cookies are used by for documents download and traffic analysis.

Personal Details

The site may use the personal information of users during the course of providing such customer service. This information is strictly confidential, unless subject to the requirements of applicable law. However, ifrights of the site are found to be interfered or violated, such information may be disclosed to the concerned government authorities.
By submitting personal information or using the services of this site, all users acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agree to be bound by this Privacy Statement of