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Replace HP Laserjet 1080 Toner

Call us when you want to simply remove and replace the HP Laserjet 1080 toner, as this can get tricky if you are not sure about the intricate requirements of the process.

It involves taking the toner out and inserting the new ones with buttons that have to be pressed and appropriately into place.

Commencing toner replacement:

  • When toner replacements happen, ensure that the device is turned on. Once the carriage is opened, wait for it to become idle.
  • There are buttons which are available in the printer for release mechanism for the used and old toners, which can be used for removing the used toners
  • Carefully push the toners into the slot, and wait till you hear the snap sound which is a confirmation that they have been inserted properly.
  • Once the printer is warmed up, you can start using your device for printing.

Check with our tech experts for the proper procedures to replace HP Laserjet 1080 toner.

Check these points during the actual cartridge-replacement (123.hp.com/setup) activity. Thereafter If you see that the printer does not print even after replacing the old toners, check if they have been fully installed.

  • Remove them and push them again in the right slot, and try to give a sample print.
  • Sometimes the last few lines of the page may run out of color, in such a case you should check the printheads.
  • You are supposed to clean these printheads using the driver software. It is not required to resort to manual cleaning mode. You can find this option through this “maintain your printer” settings.
  • Replace only the black cartridges, if you happen to use black and white print. If color printing is required, all the toners will have to be replaced.
  • Always remember to use the carriage’s latch for insertion, as this may result in damage to the printer and may give rise to unnecessary printing issues, if not properly latched.

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