Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By making use of our website 123-hp-com-laserjet.com you hereby acknowledge to the terms and conditions laid out by us. The terms and conditions will here onwards be referred to as the User Agreement or simply Agreement by us and it will act as a legal binding contract between the users and the website. It is a punishable offense to make use of our website beyond the terms mentioned herein.


123-hp-com-laserjet.com reserves all rights to discontinue the publishing of information and provision of services at any point of time that the website deems fit. We cannot be held liable or responsible for any inaccuracies in information that is either published or delivered by the website or its representatives. We also hold full rights to alter or remove data from the website.

Ownership, Trademark and Copyright

It is the sole property of the website, the trademarks and copyrights that have been registered by us and cannot be used by anyone without prior permissions from the competent authorities. The content, which includes text, graphics, images and any other visual or audio content, cannot be used for broadcasting, copying, public display, reproducing, creating duplicates, altering or modifying on any other platform unless you get a written consent from us. Indulging in the above mentioned activities can amount to copyright infringement.


Disputes that arise between the users and 123-hp-com-laserjet.com shall be governed by the state laws wherever applicable. The claim or cause of action shall be considered null and void if it is not commenced within one year of its first issue.

Limitation of Liability

We cannot be held responsible or liable for damages that have been caused either directly or indirectly by using our website or its services. This rule will be applicable to the various content published on behalf of our website on various platforms, assistance over telephone, texts, opinions, statements and other forms of communication between the user and our website. We will not entertain any claim for damages caused or be answerable to any claims in the future.

Privacy Policy

Visit our website 123-hp-com-laserjet.com Privacy Policy for more details.


The conduct terms and conditions are applicable to persons or other third parties indulging in the following anti-social activities.
The users shall not use abusive, threatening, unlawful, obscene, vulgar or offensive language while speaking with our website’s representatives. The user’s actions should not disrupt or interfere with the operations of our websites and its allied services. It must be ensured that no laws wherever applicable should not be violated by the users at any cost. The above said laws can be local laws, national laws or international laws which may be criminal or civil.
Users who indulge in activities such as misrepresentations and impersonations will be handed over to the competent legal authorities with evidences of their actions. Users are hence advised to provide information to us to which is a forgery and misrepresentation free. And similarly the information provided should not lead to any civil or criminal consequences for 123-hp-com-laserjet.com which can be a copyright, trademarks, patents or trade secret violations.

Third party services

Our website will have other third party information published which can content of any media. However, we do not take responsibility for the content published by such third party associated even if it pertains to information that are similar in nature to our website. The third party’s contents and services are governed by their own rules and regulations and our website does not have any say in that matter. It is at the risk of the user that they may make use of the services of such third party websites.


The user hereby indemnifies 123-hp-com-laserjet.com and all parties related to the website from any claim or demand that shall be filed by a third party on our behalf which also includes legal fees. The claim will be raised on the following occasions (but not restricted to these),

  • Bad conduct with our website or any associated party
  • Forged or misrepresented content
  • Violation of our website’s User Agreement
  • Violation of personal rights of another party

Reservation of rights

Our website 123-hp-com-laserjet.com reserves all rights to copyrights, trade secrets, patents, trademarks and other proprietary rights for the purpose of its business operations. We do not give any permission to any individual or company to commercially make use of our website, its contents or its services. Prior permissions from the competent authorities will have to be sought before indulging in such activities.

Miscellaneous information

If the terms and conditions of our website contradict with the legislation with respect to the jurisdiction of the participating parties, then the original intentions of both parties will be taken into consideration based on the law whichever is applicable. However, our website will follow this Agreement at all other instances and when a party fails to assert their right, it will not be taken as a waiver on behalf of either of the parties.