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  1. WPS Pin Hp LaserJet P1102w

WPS Pin HP LaserJet P1102w

Windows often insist for a WPS pin while you connect your LaserJet p1102w printers using a wireless connection. Using a WPS pin code is one among the connection method developed for using a Wi-Fi connection. Follow the give steps for connecting WPS Pin HP LaserJet P1102w.

WPS (Wi-Fi protected set up)

WPS is the Wi-Fi protected set up available for using a wireless network connection for HP printers (123.hp.com/setup). It is also known as a wireless networking standard and helps to make the connection between a router and wireless devices. The set up works only for wireless networks and secures your network using a WPS pin.

WPS pin

All the latest routers are WPS Enabled and have a WPS PIN code that is automatically generated.

A WPS pin HP LaserJet p1102w is essential to set up your HP LaserJet printer p1102 to a wireless connection.

Your windows will prompt you to enter a WPS pin while you connect it to a HP LaserJet p1102 printer. Downloading and installing the latest versions of your Printer software can overcome the continuous prompt of asking for a WPS pin.

  • Ensure that you have a correct WPS pin for HP LaserJet printer before you connect your printer to a wireless network.

How to set up HP LaserJet p1102w wirelessly using WPS pin

Find the below steps or guidelines to set up your HP LaserJet p1102w printer using WPS pin or WPS (wireless printer setup)

  • The WPS set up includes gathering the wireless network items, connecting to the wireless network and installing the printer driver and the software.
  • While you set up your HP LaserJet printer using a wireless network, your windows will always prompt you to enter a WPS pin for LaserJet p1102w
  • The first step is to gather the network name and the password. Network name is called SSID
  • Gather the WPS pin for LaserJet p1102w
  • Turn on your printer, computer, and the router. All the three devices should be connected to the same wireless network.
  • Enter the respective WPS pin for LaserJet p1102 when your windows prompt you.

Disconnect USB cable if you have connected

For a wireless connection, USB cable is not required. You can follow the below steps to disconnect the cable. The first step is to search your windows for the printer model name.

  • The printer software will be opened now
  • Now click on utilities and then select the Printer software and set up section
  • You can now click on the option convert a USB Connected printer to a wireless or connect a new printer. The option varies depending up on the version of your windows
  • You can now follow the onscreen instructions for connecting your HP LaserJet p1102w printer wirelessly using a WPS pin

If the above steps don’t work, you can also try connecting your HP LaserJet p1102w printer to a wireless network using security options like WPA or WPA2.

To know more about how to connect your LaserJet p1102w printers using a WPS pin, you can call us on our toll-free number 1-855-674-8450 or visit https://www.123-hp-com-laserjet.com.

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